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The HAZWOPER Center provides comprehensive training programs designed to safeguard workers at hazardous sites, backed by thorough regulations to ensure their well-being. It’s crucial to determine the appropriate HAZWOPER Center training for your needs. If your employees may encounter hazardous materials, a minimum requirement is the 24-hour HAZWOPER training. Additionally, we provide 8-hour and 40-hour HAZWOPER training programs to cater to diverse needs.

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If you engage in tasks involving hazardous materials, it is essential to undergo either the 8-hour, 24-hour, or 40-hour HAZWOPER training. Enroll in the online course, progress through the sections at your own pace, and prepare for on-site training to successfully complete your HAZWOPER certification. Secure your spot by registering today!

8-Hour HAZWOPER Training

24-Hour HAZWOPER Training

40-Hour HAZWOPER Training

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