OSHA Fall Protection Training, Confined Space Certification Online, and H2S Training in New York

Curious about fall protection training? Looking for a reputable New York resource for OSHA confined space training? Need your H2S training certification ASAP? At HAZWOPER Center we proudly serve New York construction and general industry workers with job-specific education that has been developed by Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) with over 20 years of experience creating OSHA educational courses. Contact us today to enroll in an OSHA training course and keep your back protected with essential safety training!

Fall Protection Training in New York

Fall Protection Training for Texas as worked clips a safety harness

According to the New York State Department of Health, falls accounted for approximately 30% of occupational fatalities in the state, with an average of 14,000 fall-related injuries requiring hospitalization each year. That is where OSHA fall protection training comes in!

Online fall protection training is essential for New Yorkers laboring in industries such as construction, roofing, and maintenance, who are exposed to fall hazards at heights of six feet or more. These online fall protection training courses are designed to cover a wide range of topics outlined in 29 CFR 1926 for construction and 29 CFR 1910, including 1910.28-30, for general industry workers. Topics covered include:

  • Fall protection basics
  • Identifying fall risks
  • Stairway safety
  • Ladder safety
  • Fall arrest systems, and more!

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Training in New York

H2S certification in Texas

Hydrogen sulfide training covers essential information and safety measures to protect individuals working in industries where they may encounter this hazardous gas. The H2S certification course typically includes topics such as:

  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of hydrogen sulfide exposure
  • Understanding the properties and characteristics of H2S gas
  • Learning about the potential health effects associated with exposure
  • Hazard Communication (29 CFR 1910.1200)
  • Respiratory Protection (29 CFR 1910.134)

Additionally, H2S training covers safety protocols and precautions that ensure New Yorkers are equipped with the knowledge required to complete their jobs successfully, without serious hydrogen sulfide risks getting in the way.

OSHA Confined Space Training in New York

Confined Spaces in construction warning sign, get training in Texas

Both New York construction and general industry workers that are at risk of confined space risks need to undergo OSHA confined space training to stay protected when laboring near or in confined space such as sewers, storage tanks, etc. Available virtually, Confined space certification online covers OSHA standards outlined in:

Specific topics covered in OSHA confined space training include personal protective equipment (PPE), communication protocols, and emergency procedures. Note that confined space certification online courses are available in 6 and 8-hour course models.

Online OSHA Courses for New York

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, workplace injuries in New York state have been on the rise. Both private industry and government workers have experienced a steady incline in non-fatal workplace injuries, which has made the need for OSHA and EPA training more prominent now than ever!

At HAZWOPER Center, we are here to meet the pressing need for workplace education through comprehensive and affordable fall protection training, confined space training, and H2S certification courses in New York. Offering both on-site and online coursework, we ensure that you have the proper education and certifications needed to stay safe performing your job. Contact us today to learn more about our workplace safety courses in New York!