Online Fall Protection Training In California, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Florida, and Nationwide

The Fall Protection Training Course for the Competent Person outlines key concepts throughout three units of core instruction. The course begins with an introduction to fall protection concepts that can be utilized to help protect workers from fall hazards in the workplace. The student will learn how to identify hazards and understand why fall protection is of the utmost importance. The course also explains various standards that OSHA has in place for fall protection plans, systems, and personal protective equipment.

All units are self-paced. They were created by qualified safety professionals, and are narrated to help the student better understand the information presented. This training utilizes written information, photos, and video clips, and also incorporates quizzes after each unit to help ensure the student retains the information presented in this course.

    Topics addressed in this Fall Protection Training Course for the Competent Person include:

  • Key OSHA definitions related to fall protection
  • Review of Federal OSHA fall protection standards
  • General categories of fall protection standards
  • Methods and criteria of fall protection
  • Guardrail systems
  • Fall arrest / fall protection equipment
  • Fall restraint systems
  • Controlled access zones
  • Safety nets
  • Hole covers
  • Fall protection plans
  • Fall protection requirements at excavations
  • Fall protection on scaffolding
  • Falling object protection
  • Employee rescue plan requirements
  • Training requirements / paperwork

The course aligns with OSHA Standards 1910.28-30, 1910.140, and 1926.500-503. However, this course is not intended to replace any site-specific training and evaluation required by the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Therefore, employers will need to supplement this course with training and evaluation on site-specific hazards, safe work procedures, and/or equipment as necessary to comply with Federal or State OSHA regulations.

The information contained in this course is for educational purposes only, and should not be used to replace professional advice. Students of this course and their employers are responsible for how they choose to utilize this content, and the course creators / providers assumes no liability for the use or misuse of the information contained herein.

Approximate course length: 220 minutes

Pre-requisite: None

Language: English (student must be able to read and understand English to complete this course)

Testing: You must score at least 80% correct to pass each module quiz and the final exam. If you pass a module quiz, you will be directed to the next module, and if you pass the final exam, you will be able to print your Certificate of Completion. If you do not pass a module or quiz or final exam, you can re-take it a second time, and if necessary, a third time. If you fail the third attempt of a quiz or exam, you can repeat the module or exam (no charge) and then attempt the quiz/exam again.

Certification: Students who successfully complete this course can print their personalized Certificate of Completion which includes the course title, the student’s name, date this course was completed, name and signature of the trainer, and logo of the course provider.

Refund Policy: 72 hours from purchase barring course completion.

Price: $89.00

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